Photo pricing

Artist: Damian De Langeron

Handmade item

Materials:  Duraflex, Metallic, Deep Matte, Fabric, Vibrachrome

Certificate of Authenticity signed by artist

Edition/available/: limited 1-250/

Ships worldwide from United States/prices not included shipping/



The revolutionary new HD C-Prints and new technology  featuring an astounding 6,100 apparent DPI, which is twice the resolution of other photographic prints and far beyond any form of inkjet technology. HD C-Prints  are created on true archival photographic papers including Matte, Glossy, Metallic and Deep Matte finishes.


Digital Metallic Photographic prints on Kodak’s extraordinary metallic paper, rendering an entirely new look.

Deep Matte The Digital C department now offers a deep matte Fuji paper: beautiful fine art paper that is particularly great for pastels and softer B&W images on color.

Duraflex, Metallic, Deep Matte, Vibrachrome

Fabric/additional 20 %


Prices /regular edition/:

5×7 $1510

8×10 $1900

11×14 $11500

16×20 $11200

20×24 $11250

20×30 $11300

24×30 $11350

24×36 $11410

30×40 $11510

40×50 $11610

40×60 $11710

48×48  $11610

48×60  $11710

48×72 $11810

48×84 $12210

48×96 $12210

48×108 $12610

48×120  $12810

72×72 $12900

72×84 $13370

72×96  $13570

72×108 $15000

72×120   $15500



Enhanced Dye-Sublimation Printing to Metal

A super vibrant and durable solution to printing photographic quality images on metal. High-resolution dye-sub metal prints are created with 8-color CMYK printing and enhanced PANTONE color matching. Sizes starting at 16”x16” up to 40”x50”.

  • Available in white aluminum (vibrant color) & natural aluminum (metallic look) in gloss, semi-gloss, and matte finishes.


Vibrachrome prints are extremely archival and durable. They are perfect for fine art and custom work meant to last.  Our 8 color press offers a wide color gamut and highly saturated colors on top of 1440 DPI resolution.  These prints are then heat sublimated at 400 degrees to specially coated materials to form vivid scratch-resistant, archival prints, direct to either white or natural aluminum.

Prices: by request



Turnaround Times:   Delivery and shipping times are not included.  All turnaround times are approximate. Due to the nature of equipment and fluctuations in work flow, actual times may vary.

Abandoned Packages: Clients are responsible for their work being picked up within ten days of the due date.

Payment Terms: All transactions are Cash on Delivery unless the client has a previously established account with DeLangeron Gallery.

Orders over $100 require a deposit of at least 60% of the order estimate.

Sales Tax Information: The government requires sales tax on every transaction. A completed and signed resale certificate is required to be exempt from sales tax.

Shipping, Pickup & Delivery: No package will be shipped, mailed or delivered until payment is secured. Shipping information must be clear. Delivery address, contact name and phone number are all required to ensure proper shipping. FedEx, UPS, and USPS shipping options are available.

De LangeronGallery  assumes no liability for the handling of finished work or originals by shippers. Valuable work should be insured by client.


All prints has options to come ready to hang. Smaller prints come with a ½” thick standoff mount block and larger prints come with a ¾” thick standoff frame. Both give the prints a floating look on your wall.

• DURABILITY/ Duraflex, Metallic/
Specially coated aluminum is dye sublimated to produce glossy, waterproof and scratch resistant prints that are durable and long lasting.

Duraflex, Metallic, Deep Matte, Fabric

by request/All prints include either a floating style mount block or frame that makes them easy and ready to hang.

All prints are made through a dye sublimation process that infuses a specially formulated ink.

Quality prints are made in our New York, NYC  print studios.

Each print is processed by our trained professional staff to assure that your print is at the maximum quality. All orders are inspected by our quality control staff to assure that your print meets the highest standards.

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